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ZIKARCHY / About us...

ZIKARCHY is a music Label based in French Guiana, south America ( between Brazil and Suriname). For many years now, we have been working and focusing on presenting original artists and musics that sound like us ! With very few boundaries (we like to think so ;).


Free spirits, sincerity, and open state of mind are important aspects of our collaboration with artists; as much as what vision we have of the world, what vision we have on how to LIVE together ! .


You will discover artists who are special, (i know everybody likes to think that ;) by the way they express themselves and by their approach of our environment, of people, of music in our society...


From traditional to jazz fusion, folk to electro, we try as much as we can, to avoid been stuck in the same old routine...No Magic Music formula !


Hope you enjoiy your stay with us....




Once upon a a whole that could be mine...

struggling....floating...high, yet so down to earth...

A free mind ! Mine... But How free can it be ?

 In Africa, in South America, In Europe, in the U.S and in The Caribbean...

....inner City fever Illusion,  in an Amazon Jungle febrility 

How can there be ? so much nonsense !


Could Identification make you feel safe ?

We are... flowers on your walls, scars on your backs.... I am no Félix, I am no Léon, I am no Gontran, I am no "TiCas", but yes I am.

We are who you were, before substituting passion for fashion...

Yes we sweat, Yes WE lie, I do spit and I do cry

Yes We laugh, at least we try.


Yes we are...Free...we are You, enjoying a race.

Hustling to change the pace.


But are YOU WE ? How can we be ?,

How can you BE ? How, can THAT be ?

We are everything we lost...we are everything you lack.... there's nothing new In this World Wide Whole, in this Whole i wish were mine.

  Dodgy, spongy, busy, family.You dont overstand ? 

Get a dictionary ! You cannot see, Get a pictionary !! You do not stand? stop your juggling


Let's start to LISTEN AND MINGLE, and listen., and mingle.. 



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Since 1995